One of the places I would love to visit someday is Ohio. Someday being the operative word, someday when the world is totally COVID-free, perhaps?

My reason would probably surprise you, but it is what it is. It’s part of what makes me ME. You see, I want to go to Ohio because of Superman. Yes, that’s right, Superman.

I won’t say I’m a Superman fan, but out of all the superheroes we know of today, two stand out among the rest for me—Superman and Captain America. The creators of the Superman comic book character, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, worked on Superman when they were young men growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. While Siegel developed the storylines, Shuster took care of the drawings. So you could say Ohio is Superman’s TRUE BIRTHPLACE, huh?

However, that’s not my only reason for wanting to visit Ohio. Read the rest of my post to find out why.

Ohio is an up-and-coming state that’s been gaining national attention for lower property prices and fantastic events and social gatherings. If you’re nervous about moving somewhere that could leave you a stranger to everyone around you: it’s time to consider moving to Ohio instead!  

These are the top cities to move to when you arrive, and why this state has something for everyone!

Why Ohio?

Ohio is a state many don’t consider when they’re planning to move: but it should be on the top of your list! Not only is this state home to major industries that ensure jobs are available to anyone who needs one, but you can also find endless opportunities to connect with other people and form a tight-knit community.

Because none of the cities breach a million people, there’s tremendous growth expected everywhere from Cleveland to Columbus and a chance to make friends and start in industries before they get too large.


Population: 892,533 people.

Columbus is quickly growing in population, going up 16% in 2022. With a population density that’s roomier than Cleveland and higher-paying jobs, this is a great place to move to if you’re ready to start a family in a large city. Fantastic sports events, awesome parades and cultural gatherings, and endless concerts ensure that there’s always something to do and always an event where you can gather and get to know the locals. This is an amazing place to live and should be near the top of anyone’s list. 

“The Mountain” by French artist Aristide Maillol, Columbus Museum of Art’s Sculpture Garden


Population: 302,605 people.

This charming smaller city is an awesome place to meet new people because it’s full of so many different arts and cultural events and buildings. Buying one of the fantastic Cincinnati houses for sale ensures that you’re buying your way into a community that you can grow into. Not only are there plenty of events to meet people at, but there are also tons of options for employment, housing, entertainment, and education so that you never find yourself lacking the things you want in a city. Cincinnati is an incredible place to live.

The Music Hall, Home to the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra, Cincinnati Ballet, and Cincinnati Opera


Population: 383,793 people.

Cleveland may have the second largest population in the state: but its numbers have been dropping. This city saw a five percent drop in population in 2022, as many locals left for other metropolitan areas or generally left the town. This is great if you’re considering moving here because housing has become more affordable here than in many other major cities. Instead of having to deal with out-of-control home prices, you can relax knowing you’re making a good investment that will grow over time.

Cleveland, Ohio
The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Where the History of Popular Music Is Spread over Six Floors in an Atmosphere of Multimedia Exuberance

You Can Start an Incredible Life in Ohio!

Whether you’re moving here for work or you’re interested in starting fresh with new friends and a new life: it’s a great idea to move to Ohio. Not only will you feel inspired by the amazing options for work and play, but you’ll also fall in love with the gorgeous scenery and incredible locals here, unlike anywhere else.