I am no blogging expert, but I can definitely say that I’ve had my fair share of writing blog posts. You probably have a hard time believing that considering this blog is fairly new. However, as I mentioned here, I took a long break from blogging, not by choice but by circumstance.

If all my blogs were still around, this one will probably be blog number six or seven. So, yeah, I do have an idea of how much hard work goes into maintaining/managing a blog.

Believe it or not, there are so many things you can blog about. Nevertheless, because of the overabundance of possible topics/niches, it can be quite difficult to come up with a prompt that you can use for a blog post. Yes, it’s coming up with blogging prompts that usually takes some time, in my case at least. As for the writing, everything just goes well and smoothly as long as there is a prompt and my creative juices are steadily flowing.

So Many Topics, So Little Time

Even the most mundane thing can be a topic for a blog. That’s how flexible and adaptable blogging is. However, as I mentioned previously, having too much to write about can be a bad thing, too, since it will most likely leave you confused.

What will you write about out of thousands of possible topics? What will appeal to your readers? Those are just two questions you may ask yourself. I can tell you to trust your gut, but you have a responsibility to your readers. The least you can do is write about things you think they will enjoy reading about or at least relate to.

Blogging Prompts to Help You

Because I can empathize with you, fellow bloggers, I have decided to come up with some blogging prompts that can, maybe, help you out. I’m not even sure if you’ve already used any or all of these prompts, but there’s no harm in sharing, right?

Blogging prompts are actually quite popular. In fact, some of the more seasoned bloggers even turn such into a challenge. Given that, I know how helpful and important blogging prompts can be. So, what follows are 30 prompts that fall under various categories or niches. Feel free to save the image so you can refer to them whenever.

30 blogging prompts

Like I said, you may have already used some or all of these prompts. If so, perhaps you can tweak the prompts to suit you better. All I know is that something like this can be a big help if you’re someone like me whose mind thinks a mile a minute (ideas overload!).

I have several prompts compiled to help me along. That way, I won’t have to rack my brain every time I need to come up with a blog post. Between that and thinking of possible article angles for work (plus keyword research and topic research) every day, my brain is pretty much worked up. Hence, I need to give it a break every once in a while.

I blog because I enjoy it, and you probably do, too. Your blog may be for your own personal enjoyment. Still, as I mentioned earlier, you are responsible for whatever your readers read on your blog. That said, you need to take their needs and/or concerns into consideration.

Now if these prompts don’t appeal to you, here’s a suggestion: why not create some sort of poll or survey to ask your readers for ideas? Ask them what they would like to read or see. You may be surprised at the ideas they throw your way.

Blogging, I think, is reciprocal. You give of yourself, and your readers give of themselves, too, especially when they express themselves through the comment section. Never forget that, because every time you remember that others’ eyes are on your blog, too, you’ll be moved to write and share of yourself better.