Who would have thought that online lessons would be part of the “new normal” forced upon us by the Corona Virus outbreak? I have two nephews who are currently in seventh grade and kindergarten, respectively, and their parents are currently preparing for their online schooling, which will commence sometime in August.

Personally, I have been going back and forth with myself concerning online learning. I started entertaining the idea around this time last year when a former employer broached the subject to me. He wanted me to do the bookkeeping for his business, but see, I AM NOT A BOOKKEEPER! Neither do I have any accounting background.

I have never made the fact that I’m not a numbers person a secret. Almost everyone who knows me personally know Math is my waterloo. I have never flunked it as a student, but Math and I, yeah, we don’t have an amicable relationship. Nevertheless, one of my past jobs involved billing, collection, cost estimates, and payroll (yes, I did all that and had to learn along the way), so I guess I could put myself into it if I wanted to.

Which is why when my former boss asked me to look into online bookkeeping lessons, just the basics, so I could help him out, I didn’t have the heart to shoot him down. I have mentioned in a previous post that I have a problem saying no most of the time, so there.

I did look for online lessons as soon as he asked me to, but while I was able to start on a few topics, I had to sever my ties with him. Let’s just say we didn’t see eye-to-eye in the subject of reasonable pay. He wanted me to write, do admin stuff, do payroll and bookkeeping, but he didn’t even consider giving me a pay raise.

On a side note, he initially hired me as a writer, so I was getting paid solely for that job. Nevertheless, I figured if I were to do all the other stuff, I was entitled to a pay raise. He didn’t share the sentiments, so I said, “Sayonara!”

Anyway, against my better judgment, I decided to discontinue the online lesson.

Online Lessons Instead of Gap Year

When news about the possible cancellation of classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, there were parents who said a gap year was better than having kids troop down to school for face-to-face classes and risk getting infected with the virus. However, the Philippines’ education department suggested online lessons or distance learning instead. I guess the concept of school gap year is unacceptable to them, so they pushed for the other option.

On another side note, although distance learning, like online lessons, has an online study component and study materials may be accessed online, it will eventually require face-to-face interaction between students and teacher. Online lessons, as implied, are completely done digitally.

And because online lessons and distance learning are the trending topics, naturally, my interest was piqued again.

Giving Online Lessons Another Shot

Corona virus outbreak or not, I figured why not take advantage of my current situation? Current situation being that I work from home so my work hours are flexible, I have access to a computer and Internet, and with a few tweaks to my daily schedule, I can definitely fit online lessons into may weekday to-dos.

So a couple of days ago, I decided to start searching for schools orĀ entities offering online lessons. I was able to find several, but of course, deciding on course/s to take is another thing. Through endless back and forth, I found a home study center that offers plenty of free online courses. Yes, just free courses for me in case I up and decide to discontinue the lessons for whatever reason.

I bookmarked several courses, but on a whim, I decided to hit the “START YOUR FREE COURSE” button last night. Now, I am officially enrolled to the free bookkeeping course, and I have also started with the introductory lesson, too. I will be hitting the books again after this post so I can finish the first reading material and take on the online exam.

Learning never stops. I strongly believe that. As long as the opportunity presents itself, take advantage of it. I know I did, because continuous self-improvement is something I cling to.