Polo shirts are a dime a dozen, but let’s face it; only a few are able to pull off “the look”. Yes, some would probably say, “It’s just a shirt. Why make a big fuss out of it?” Dressing to impress is certainly not the end-all and be-all. Still, knowing how to dress properly, even if it’s “just” a polo shirt you’re wearing, spells a wealth of difference.

Besides, you’ll be surprised at the history behind the polo shirt. The clothing term actually dates back to the 1920s, when the shirt was worn as garment of choice for playing, you guessed it, polo. However, it became even more popular in the world of tennis ever since legendary French tennis star Rene Lacoste first wore it to the 1926 US Open.

Polo Shirt for the Right Season

The weather right now where I live is unforgiving. Would you believe even my eyes are sweating? How’s that for a visual? Indeed, the season calls for something comfortable and a tad absorbent.

Nevertheless, if you’ve been wearing the same t-shirts and check shirt for several years now, perhaps it’s time to update your wardrobe. It’s easier and more affordable than you think, particularly if you opt for something simple and classic like the polo shirt for men, which goes well just about anything, from shorts to chinos.

The Appeal of Polo Shirts

Every man should have at least one polo shirt in his collection – and it’s best to have more than one. This top has lots going for it – it’s smart on its own or worn under a jumper or hoody; it looks great with jeans and shorts, but can be equally happy matched with smarter trousers for a dress-down day at the office. It’s a staple of fashion brands across the price range, from top-end designer labels to budget high street stores, so you’ll always be able to find one that fits your pocket.

It’s because there’s such a range of polo shirts in the market that you need to know what to look for when you buy. At the top end, it’s all about the label, and you’ll pay extra for the name. Some top brands in the polo shirt department are Polo by Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Fred Perry, Uniqlo, Burberry, and many others.

If you’re not so worried about wearing a particular brand, then look for more affordable options that are just as well made and look just as good. Essentially, you want a shirt that’s 100% cotton. This makes the shirt breathable, comfortable to wear and long-lasting. It also makes sure that it looks great all the time, which is just what you need.

Once you’ve sorted the quality of the fabric, look for design details that set your shirt apart from the crowd. This could be the type of buttons, a contrasting fabric on the cuffs and hems, reinforced collars to stop your polo shirt looking floppy and unstructured after a few washes, or pockets and additional design extras that can made all the difference.

We all know that spring and summer weather can be variable, which is why a polo shirt is such a great buy. There’s lots of different ways you can wear a polo shirt. It’s no longer just a staple wear for playing sports like polo or tennis. Wear it on its own, or under a lightweight V-neck knit for added warmth. If the weather’s truly bad, use your polo as a bottom layer, and add a hoody or fleece jacket and then a waterproof to keep off the worst of the weather. However you wear it, the polo shirt will be one of your favorites before too long.